Cell phone battery

 It’s so cool to have a mobile phone nowadays either it is the luxurious apple mobile phone, or smart camera mobile phone Huawei, or great features of Samsung and many more. Every other mobile phone has its speciality and features. The mobile phone is best if they give the best battery backup and instant charging capacity. The cell phone battery has its capacity depending on the originality and its charging life cycle. The cell phone battery can be replaced easily with the new one if get damaged or drained. The cell phone battery can be readily available in online stores at a reasonable price and with at least a six months or one year warranty.


The cell phone battery can be protected from draining by various means like:


· You dim the light of the mobile phone if not in use, hence protecting it from discharging.

· The cell phone battery can also be protected from drainage if you will charge it before getting discharged. If every time you are doing this means charging your mobile phone before getting discharged then you are protecting one cycle of charge and discharge. Hence increasing the self-life of the cell phone battery.

· The cell phone battery has a maximum of five hundreds cycle of charging and discharging, by knowing this now you can prevent your cell phone battery from drainage by charging it before it gets fully discharged.


The replacement of a cell phone battery is not a big thing you can get your cell phone battery replaced in any store either offline or online at a reasonable price with at least six months of warranty and some companies also provides an extension in warranty.


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